Gravity's Just a Habit

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Gravity's Just a Habit ("GJaH") is my first two-stage high-power rocket. The initial build took place between May and July 2021, and I had it finished by November for its first flight.

GJaH is a Wildman Shapeshifter Jr. with the optional booster kit. I built a Shapeshifter Jr. for my level 1 certification in 2013, and my initial idea was to just build a booster for it, but then I decided I was sentimental enough about that rocket to just build a whole new one. The booster fins are reversed from the normal orientation (with the curved edge facing backwards) just because I liked the way it looked.

The sustainer uses the same electronics (Altus Metrum TeleMega), sled and bulkheads as Kestrel but it has its own coupler. The sustainer also carries a Mobius Maxi video camera. The interstage currently uses an EasyTimer and a BigRedBee RDF tracker. The booster is recovered by motor ejection and uses a Jolly Logic Chute Release.

GJaH's first (and so far, only) flight in November 2021 resulted in a safe recovery, but the sustainer motor did not fire. The rocket was not stable enough while flying on the booster, and was well outside its tilt limit when it would have staged. I've made two changes since then: I've added about 10 ounces of nose weight, and I have selected an I-470 booster motor instead of the original I285 to increase velocity off the pad. Unfortunately, I have not yet had another opportunity to fly the rocket and try these changes.

The rocket's name is a lyric from the song "Upside Down and Inside Out" by OK Go.