Torellian Invader (1.6" upscale)

From Danno's Rocket Wiki

This is an upscale of my Torellian Invader, made mostly out of an Estes Super Neon XL kit. The tubes and motor mount were from the Super Neon XL, the fins were hand-cut from 1/8" basswood, and the nose and canopy were 3D printed from my own approximations. The stickers came from StickerShock23. I did not get the shape of the canopy exactly right, so the sticker for the canopy did not fit smoothly over the 3D printed part; I decided to just paint it silver and may possibly try adding some more detail to it. I also did not find olive green paint at Michael's, so in order to get it done in time for my club launch I used hunter green rustoleum that I got from Menard's. So it doesn't match the original very closely, but I still think it looks good. First flight is planned for the SLRA Summer Solstice launch on June 24, 2023, on an E30-4.