Micro hybrid motor / test stand

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This is a placeholder page for a future project, to play around with a micro hybrid motor I bought from Eclipse Rocketry back in 2016. In my mind it would go something like this:

  • Create a test stand suitable for capturing thrust curves for the motor
  • Experiment with using different materials for the fuel grain
  • Design a rocket to fly using the motor (or adapt a kit)

Eclipse Rocketry seems to be defunct as a motor vendor, although they still have a little information on their website. I found that Micro Nitro Rocketry has a more informative website and does build custom motors to order, as well as selling parts and consumables, although I gather that the Eclipse motor has slightly different dimensions than the design Micro Nitro uses, so parts may not be compatible. Once I get seriously moving on this project, I plan to contact Micro Nitro and purchase their research materials and possibly some other supplies.