Gemini-Titan 1:46

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A scale Gemini Titan had been on my wish list for a while. This is the builder's kit from Boyce Aerospace Hobbies. The kit comes with some very detailed 3D-printed parts that you combine with standard Estes body tubes, parachutes, shock cords, etc. The motors are retained by 3D-printed screw-on retainers made to look like the engine bells on the real vehicle. The kit also comes with self-adhesive wraps for the body tubes; these are very difficult to get aligned exactly right. My build is not that detailed and far from perfect.

On the first flight, one of the shock cords broke and the forward section dropped without a parachute. The only damage was a minor crack in the coupler and separation of the forward body tube from the 3D-printed center section. I re-glued the separated part and replaced both shock cords with heavier ones.

On the second flight, the two motors ignited about a second and a half apart. The rocket got to around a hundred feet altitude (guessing) and had arced over when the second motor fired. It went a few hundred feet horizontally and lawn darted. I think the ejection charge of the first motor probably went off while the second motor was burning, resulting in no separation. Two of the fins broke off, some of the 3D-printed pieces are broken, and the forward body tube is crumpled. I doubt I will rebuild it.


SLRA Park Launch, May 1 2022, 2x D16-6

SLRA Park Launch, April 29 2023, 2x D20-4