Berthimus Prime

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This is an upscaled Big Bertha built from an Animal Motor Works kit. According to AMW's website, a limited run of 101 was produced for National Sport Launch 2018 at the request of Vern Estes; AMW still had some left at Airfest 2019 and I picked one up there. It appears to be out of production now.

I painted the rocket in colors matching the photo in the 1979 Estes catalog and made the graphics on my vinyl cutter. On its first flight, the rocket zippered due to a late motor ejection, requiring the top 2 feet of the lower airframe to be replaced. I replaced that section with a fiberglass tube for its second flight just a few weeks later. I finally got around to repainting the repaired section and redoing the graphic, but have not flown it again since then.


SLRA October 2019 Club Launch, I212

SLRA November 2019 Club Launch, J400

NSL East (2023), J420